PRESSURE is being ramped up to get something done about motorists using a two-lane road out of Kendal as a ‘racetrack’.

Speeding on Aynam Road is being reported to Cumbria County Council – backed by a public petition bearing hundreds of signatures.

Police have also been carrying out checks on the riverside strip to catch those putting their foot to the floor.

Concern has increased following the tragic death in March of Robert ‘H’ Clinton, 21, of Well Ings, Kendal.

He was a passenger in a Peugeot that left the road, although no formal cause for the collision has yet been officially recorded.

Labour party activists, led by local businessman Jim Barker, have been organising a campaign and petition. The issue is also high on the agenda of South Lakeland MP Tim Farron.

Mr Barker, who lives nearby and represents the Westmorland and Lonsdale Labour Party, said: “It’s a residential area and it is time to take action to protect motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and residents.”

Mr Barker wants to see the South Lakeland Local Committee – which is a local sub-committee of the larger Cumbria County Council – install some traffic calming measures.

“This has been an issue for residents for a long time and it’s time councillors listened to their concerns and took action before there is another tragedy on this dangerous stretch of road,” he said.

Among the issues raised were safety of using the pedestrian crossing at Abbot Hall Fields.

Mr Barker said: “People have reported attempting to cross, only to get half way and have a car in the other lane pass without stopping.” “People have also called for the visibility of the crossing to be improved, and say that after crossing Miller Bridge many cars accelerate hard, possibly unaware of the speed limit, as they hit the dual carriage way where there are no speed signs.”

Mr Farron also has in mind reports of accidents around Sedbergh Road, Shap Road and the Mintsfeet Industrial Estate. He said: “Every accident is one too many. We must act now to deal with this problem.

“I’ll be asking the residents what changes they’d like to make the road safer. I’ll also ask police and councillors to make sure action is taken quickly. There are things we can do today, like speed monitoring and a higher police presence in the area.”