Fire crews have been called to properties overnight after reports of flooding.

At 7pm Homebase on Beezon Road, Kendal, suffered flooding for which one fire engine was required.

Watch manager Martin Holroyd said the cause was the guttering.

"The deluge that we had meant the weight of the water caused the guttering to fail and because of the design of the building the water then got inside.

"There was damage to some stock but it was just in one area of the store and staff and crews contained the worst of it."

Three hours later, at around 10.20pm, the crews were called the The Loft nightclub, Kendal, where it was reported there was a 'dangerous structure'.

Mr Holroyd said: "Again due to the water and it coming down so fast, it had broken one piece of the cast iron guttering and then two more sections were hanging dangerously.

"The decision was made to remove them rather than cordon off the road.

"At that time there were not a lot of people inside the club but they were not affected anyway as there was no risk to them. We just had to restrict the access below the area outside."

Just before 1am firemen then attended an incident at The Ellers, Ulverston, where water had made its way into a house.

Watch manager Ian Berry said: "Water in the backyard had made its way into the property due to overload on the drainage systems.

"By the time we arrived however it had drained away. There was damage to the flooring though and it will probably have to be replaced."

There was a similar incident at Grange just before 1.30am, where a hotel along the esplanade had water in the basement.

Again the water drained as the rain slowed and the fortunately electrics were not affected.

Mr Berry added: "The problem is the ground is that hard from the dry weather that the water is not sinking in and instead going down into the drainage system."