AMERICAN morris dancers graced Market Place, Kendal, this afternoon as their tour of South Lakeland and the Yorkshire Dales got in to full swing. The travelling troupe are performing in various places around the Lake District and North Yorkshire this week. The American Travelling Morrice – the traditional spelling for morris - was made up of dancers and musicians from across the USA and England. Alex Naar, leading the performers, said: “There are 35 of us here and 32 are from North America and three are from England. “Morris dancing in America has been danced for over 100 years and there are around 300 teams, so it’s fairly well established.” The group of dancers are made up from different teams from Boston and New York and once a year they get together to perform for a week. Alex said: “This is our 38th tour together and the second time we have been to England. “We are here for two weeks and it’s been absolutely great so far.” The tour will see the dancers and musicians perform until this Saturday where they will hang up their sticks and handkerchiefs in Sedbergh. For more details on where to see the American Travelling Morrice, visit the website