A LANCASTER man has been ordered to pay £170 after jumping from Devil’s Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale in July.

Michael Hugh Sharkey, 24, of Gressingham Drive, was fined £100 by South Lakeland Magistrates’ Court, and ordered to pay £50 costs and a victim surcharge of £20.

Two other men, both from Rossendale, Lancashire (aged 24 and 33), are also in the process of being prosecuted.

A byelaw is in place to stop people from jumping from the bridge, which police described as 'a very dangerous activity with potentially fatal consequences'.

Inspector Paul Latham from Cumbria Constabulary said: “There are a number of risks associated with jumping off a bridge including hitting rocks, misjudging the depth of water and sudden immersion in cold water.

“This fine shows we do take this activity very seriously, and work closely with South Lakeland District Council to tackle the dangers. If someone jumping is reported to us we will attend and take further action as appropriate.

“However, the responsibility for keeping each other safe falls on the entire community. Police cannot be there all the time and we encourage members of the public to either report anyone seen jumping, or to speak to them and advise them of the risks in jumping.

“Jumping from the bridge is particularly common during the summer months, and we will continue to work with the local community next summer to reiterate the dangers.”

John Barwise, Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer for South Lakeland District Council, said:

“The prosecution sends out a clear message that SLDC and Cumbria Police will not tolerate the irresponsible actions of members of the public who contravene the byelaw and risk death or serious injury by jumping off the bridge.”