FOURTEEN new governors have been elected to serve the Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The successful candidates, including four in South Lakeland and two in Eden, began their terms on the Governors’ Council on October 1 after being voted in or achieving a place uncontested.

“The role of governors in our trust is critically important,” said Mike Taylor, chairman of the trust.

“I am delighted to congratulate the re-elected and newly-elected governors on their successful elections, recognising the range and wealth of skills and experience they bring to the role and am much looking forward to working with them in the future.”

The Governors’ Council represents the views of local people to the board of directors and advises on issues such as priorities for the future.

The governors also have responsibilities including the appointment or removal of the chair and the appointment of the chief executive.

In total there are 29 governors who represent different parts of the county.

Jim Bradley, re-elected in South Lakeland, said he wishes to ‘help develop services that understand and support the role of carers’, while making ‘best use’ of available resources.

“I will champion two-way communication and involvement, countywide and especially for South Lakeland, to influence development of pragmatic services,” he said.

David Galloway, re-elected in Eden, said: “NHS services face enormous financial and professional challenges.

“Our trust needs experienced governors with a track record of successful service.”

Also elected in South Lakeland were Lesley Flood, Stephen Johnson and Colin Ranshaw.

Tim Hodges joined the board from Eden. The Governors’ Council holds meetings which are open to the public throughout the year and works with the board of directors in carrying out their key functions and responsibilities.

Head governor, Jane Smith, said: “On behalf of the entire council, may I extend a warm welcome to all newly appointed governors.”