SHADOWS will dance along The Gill in Ulverston this Halloween as hundreds of candles, fire-bowls and up-cycled cans cut with stars are lit for the town's fifth candlelit walk.

Folk musicians will lead-off a procession into the woods at 6.30pm to see the eerie glow cast by nearly 500 scented candles and fiery-features.

Last year's event was hit by torrential, wick-wetting rain but volunteers say they have been working on weather-proofing.

"We stood around shaking drips off our noses last year wondering if this was too bonkers a thing to do in October," said lead volunteer Jennie Dennett. "But since then we've been thinking-up ways to make it happen whatever the weather so this event is a proper Halloween-night tradition for Ulverston.

"We've made more flares to go along the edge of the beck which light up the water and blaze-on even in the rain. They smell amazing too as they're made with scented wax donated by Wax Lyrical. Artists handy with angle-grinders have also cut fantastic designs into old oil drums which'll be lit with bonfires.

"So there'll still be a magical spectacle up here on The Gill even if the night's too wet to light all the little candles. It always gives me tingles seeing it lit up, there's something very special about firelight on a chill, dark night."

New this year are tin spike lights made from cans from the Ulverston Scrap Store, fire-bowls, metal hooks to hold lanterns aloft in the trees and a shadowscreen.

Local children at Ulverston's Woodcraft Folk group and shoppers who paused to pot at a workshop at Ulverston's Indoor Market Hall have also made a new collection of pottery candle holders to sit on the railings and cast flickering shadows of the shapes cut within, we've pumpkin faces, a glowing owl and swirling stars to mention just a few.

Along with the visual spectacle of all those flickering candles, musicians will also be adding to the spooky atmosphere. Barrow sound artists The Octopus Collective will be performing 'Bewilderbeats' in the woods and the South Lakes Ukelule Orchestra will be striking up too.

The walk starts at 6.30pm, on Thursday October 31, in The Gill at the start of The Cumbria Way. The candles will be lit until 8pm and there'll be hot mulled apple juice. The kissing gate will be removed to allow access for prams and wheelchairs. The event is free but there will be buckets for donations. More details about the event can be found at www.facebook/candlelitwalk.