A MEMBER of Lancashire Police staff was sacked for leaking confidential information on Facebook.

It comes as a Freedom of Information request by the Lancashire Telegraph revealed six people had been dismissed in the last three years for inappropriate use of social networking sites.

Among those disciplined was a sergeant who received management advice after posting ‘derogatory and disrespectful’ messages on Facebook.

A constable was also given a written warning for making inappropriate comments on Twitter. And another member of police staff was also reprimanded for using offensive language on Facebook. Three people were disciplined for using social networking sites when they were on duty.

A police spokesman said: “The constabulary issues guidance to all employees using social media in a personal capacity and all staff are strongly advised to ensure that their security settings are set to the maximum to ensure safety of their personal information and views.

“Employees are warned that they should not express personal views which may be inappropriate or derogatory towards colleagues or to the constabulary as this may result in misconduct proceedings as would postings or comments of a racial, homophobic or pejorative nature.

“Action will be taken against any individual’s conduct which falls short of the very high professional standards we expect of our employees.”

The request also revealed that a constable was given a final written warning for using their mobile phone to take a photograph of an obscene message directed at a colleague and forwarding it to other staff.