A FORMER railway bridge near Ingleton looks set to be demolished after it was declared unsafe.

Lowfields Bridge remained in place even though the old Clapham, Ingleton and Low Gill railway line was axed in the Beeching cuts of 1967.

Now, Craven District Council has received a prior notification notice of intended demolition.

The bridge, which is inspected annually and more closely every six years, has lowered, threatening access underneath it.

Formerly owned by Government body, BRB (Residuary), it now comes under the control of the Historical Railways Estate and an estate spokesman confirmed that the proposal was to demolish the bridge, abutments and also part of the embankments.

“This course of action has become necessary due to the worsening condition of the bridge and safety issues in relation to limited headroom.

“On completion, the side slopes will be fenced off and seeded and the height restriction will be lifted from the road making the area safer.”

The council, which can only comment on the demolition procedures, has received an objection from a neighbouring landowner who says his land will be cut in two.