POLICE are continuing to advise people to adhere to all warnings and not attempt to go to flooded areas as the high tides reach their height.

There are reports of vehicles becoming stuck in floodwater and causing problems across the county.

And police say that people have also been seen at piers and harbours despite warnings to stay away.

“This is very dangerous and people are putting themselves and emergency services at risk by being in these areas,” said a police spokesman.

Police report that the following areas are affected by the floods:

* The A5087 has been closed due to weather incidents and some motorists are continuing to try and use the road. This road is to be avoided and alternative routes sought.

* A595 closed at Muncaster due to flooding

* Canal Foot in Ulverston flooded

* Coastal road at Roosebeck, Ulverston, locals reporting flooding in the area

* Main road between Arnside and Milnthorpe next to estuary is reported to be flooding

* Grange Railway underpass flooded. People are using the live railway line to cross, which is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted

* A595 Sandside Road flooding

* Maryport to Silloth coastal road flooded- Maryport Golf Course flooded and road to be avoided

* Flooding reported on Northside Road in Workington

* Burgh by Sands, Carlisle - flooded road

* Inverness Road, Silloth, waves coming over road