FURNESS Coastguard was called out to reports a person was walking out into Morecambe Bay on Sunday.

Liverpool MRCC contacted Furness Coastguard at 3.40pm after reports the man was walking out from the Bardsea area.

Once on scene the coastguard team established that the person was an experienced fisherman collecting his nets and had returned to shore. 

A spokesperson said: "Members of the public are encouraged not to hesitate in contacting the Coastguard on 999 in cases like this.

"We would indeed much rather respond and be subsequently stood down than have a fatality in the area.

"Fishermen or others venturing into the intertidal zone alone, particularly when darkness is approaching, are encouraged to advise the Coastguard at Liverpool and report in to them on return.

"All persons venturing into Morecambe Bay are also advised to carry a compass and know the bearing back to their point of departure in case of fog or bad visibility."