Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes has backed the launch of the Government’s ‘Cyberstreet’ campaign.

The website provides tips to improve people’s online behaviour and help keep important information safe for themselves, their families, and their businesses.

The campaign urges people to take simple steps to change their online behaviour, so they and their family remain safe.

These are:

1. Using strong, memorable passwords

2. Installing anti-virus software on new devices

3. Checking privacy settings on social media

4. Shopping safely online – always ensuring to check online retail sites are secure

5. Downloading software and the application of patches when prompted

Mr Rhodes said: “It is essential that we all take the necessary precautions to help keep ourselves safe from this type of crime. As a result of listening to feedback from the public, I have included tackling cybercrime within my revised Police and Crime Plan”.

“I will be working with the Chief Constable to address this growing area effecting both individuals and the business community, and which currently costs the UK approximately £52m a year through fraudulent online activity.”