CASH raised by special accounts at the Furness Building Society has been handed over to the North West Air Ambulance.

Payments generated by the charity’s supporters who save in special NWAA accounts with the society added up to £135,000 in 2013.

The easy access charity savings accounts work on the basis of ‘You Save-We Give’, with the building society making an annual payment based on one pere cent of the total average deposits in all NWAA charity accounts.

Jenny Haskey, head of fund-raising for the charity, said: “The savings account with the Furness is a vital source of funding for NWAA and it doesn’t cost savers a penny. Their money is safe and earning a good rate of interest – but the more our supporters save the more the building society gives.”

North West Air Ambulance Charity has three helicopters flying seven days a week from bases at Royal Preston Hospital and the University Hospital of South Manchester, covering around eight million people.