A TINY Lake District village school is leading the way in looking after the environment and showing others how to be green.

Hawkshead Esthwaite Primary school, which has just 63 pupils, has been hailed an ‘eco school’ for its efforts in operating sustainably.

They are working with green campaigners Windermere Reflections and are challenging the local community to think about waste, recycling and composting after creating an information leaflet based on their own research.

The leaflets have been distributed to local families, shops and businesses including the Co-op, the chemist and the GP surgery.

The pupils and staff were awarded Green Flag Ambassador status by Eco-Schools, an international award programme that encourages schools to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly principles.

“We are very proud of our achievements,” said head teacher Joyce Hallam.

“An eco school cares about the environment and looks at the ways they can help with global issues.”

Solar panels were installed on the roof to generate electricity and the usage is monitored each week by the children.

The school also installed a rainwater harvesting tank which provides water for flushing the toilets while the children grow their own vegetables in the nearby Fletcher’s Field, where they also look after hens and sell eggs.

The vegetables are used in school lunches and in the school cookery club.

Windermere Reflections programme manager, Liz Davey, said: “Sustainable schools aim to prepare young people for a lifetime of sustainable living, through their teaching, their fabric and through the example of their day-to-day practices.

“We are very proud of the children and staff in Hawkshead for all the efforts they make.”