PET owners who lost their animals in Witherslack on the same day are desperately hoping to be re-united with their furry friends. 

Michael Sunderland, of Heysham, was walking Patterdale Terriers Molly and Jess on Whitbarrow Scar when they ran off last Thursday.

Mr Sunderland and his wife Yvonne, who have had the pets for four years, said they were ‘devastated’.

“The dogs were abandoned on the street in Rochdale as puppies, and we rescued them. It’s so sad that they are on their own again,” said Mrs Sunderland.

“We absolutely love them to pieces - everyone does. We look after adults with learning disabilities, and they are really missing them. My 87-year-old mother-in-law keeps asking where are the dogs? Even the postman wondered where they were.”

She added that they had never run off before.

Two dogs were heard by the Little Moss Farm in the Lyth Valley, on Friday, but there has been no sightings of them since they went missing.

Anyone with information should call the Sunderland's on 01524 850710 or 07878941517.

On the same day in Witherslack, eight month old ginger kitten, TC, also went missing.

TC wears a hi-viz collar and owner Tony Rothera, of Witherslack, would like anyone with information to call him on 07824 392672.