A WINDERMERE antiques shop has seen a boost in business after it appeared on BBC Two’s Antiques Road Trip again.

Antique dealers David Harper and Paul Laidlaw came to Courtyard Cottage Antiques in search of bargains to sell at auction in Northumberland.

Mr Harper bought a late 18th century Staffordshire pepper pot for £25 but only picked up £15 for it at auction.

His rival in the daily contest, which sees antiques experts travel the UK looking for treasures, paid £5 for a pair of Stanhopes – bone binoculars with tiny Victorian tourist views inside. Mr Laidlaw then sold them for £28, making him the show’s winner.

Shop owner Jean French said: “This is our second appearance on Antiques Road Trip. We have again had phone calls from all over the country asking about various items seen when the camera went around the shop – things like clocks, lamps and chandeliers.”

During the show Mr Harper was also seen visiting Coniston’s John Ruskin Museum.