A PIRATE-themed event or a commemoration of World War One are just some of the ideas being considered to replace Kirkby Lonsdale’s Victorian Weekend.

Dozens of residents turned out to a packed public meeting to discuss ways to bring tourists to the town in the first weekend of September, with several saying it should celebrate the BBC using the town to film part of its upcoming drama, Jamaica Inn.

“I think we should really play on the Jamaica Inn thing,” said one resident.“We could do something the kids would all love.”

Another said: “When Jamaica Inn is on TV is when people will start to ask where this place is, and that’s when we’ll have to start thinking about pirates and people walking round with parrots on their shoulders.”

But others said the weekend should commemorate the start of the war, 100 years ago this year, with appearances by the Royal Marines or Scots Guard bands. A call also went out for volunteers to help organise the event.

Town council chairman Allan Muirhead added: “We still today get the phone ringing with people saying, ‘What’s happening in Kirkby Lonsdale for Victorian Weekend?’ “People don’t know it’s not happened for three or four years and people still look for something to happen.

“They’re willing to come here and spend money, so we need to give them something to look forward to.”