IT is ‘hen party’ time for a charity – after it re-homed its 400,000th ex-battery hen.

Daisy May is one of 500 hens to have recently been found a new free range home by the British Hen Welfare Trust’s centre in Haslingden.

She has been rescued from a life caged up in cramped conditions to lay eggs and now lives with Andrew and Ann Horn at their home in Milnthorpe.

Ann said: “This is the fourth time we have had rescue hens from Adele at BHWT Haslingden.

“After a few weeks of TLC, the hens blossom into beautiful girls full of personality and mischief.

“Each and every one has a different personality. We never fail to be amazed at watching them.

“When they first walk on grass you can see the puzzlement on their faces, and they love snow.

“When we first got them we sat on a bench in the garden for hours watching them explore, and doing things hens do naturally, like dust bathing and digging up their first worms.

“The way they hang around you when you are digging in the garden, watching out for a tasty worm to eat, it's magical.”

Adele Hall, from Haslingden, has been a volunteer co-ordinator for the trust for eight years, said “The buzz we get waving the hens off to their new homes makes all the hard work so worthwhile.

“We also gain the privilege of meeting some lovely people, such as Ann and Andrew who have adopted Daisy May.

“We wish her well in what I know will be a loving and caring new home.”

To find out more about re-homing hens, or to support the work of the British Hen Welfare Trust, visit, call 01884 860084, or email