CLOSE-ups of a tiny animal filmed at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis are to appear on BBC One’s Hidden Kingdoms.

The wildlife drama, narrated by Stephen Fry, shows what life is like for some of the world's smallest mammals - and features the Milnthorpe attraction’s loveable Brazilian marmosets.

A 10-minute ‘making of’ at the end of episode three will show the marmoset close-ups which are impossible to get in the wild.

The tree shrew from Borneo will also feature. Zoo boss Jo Marsden said: “The marmosets are really popular, especially with the children. They're just so expressive.

“People might come here to see our snow leopards or meerkats but quite often it's the smaller animals with the big personalities that make a big impression.

“OK, they're not lions and tigers, but you can watch animals like marmosets and tree shrews for hours, and some people do!”