AN ARNSIDE youngster who has lived with type one diabetes since he was a baby has been selected to speak about the condition in Parliament.

Ellis Simms, 11, who was diagnosed just after his first birthday, will be one of 60 adults and children chosen to represent their constituencies at the House of Commons event – Type 1 Parliament – next month.

The Carnforth High School pupil’s mother, Kate Sykes said: “Ellis’s diagnosis was a very difficult time for the family, as it means he can’t always be carefree like other children can.

“It was very exciting to hear that he had been chosen to represent all those in our area living with the condition. Going to the House of Commons and talking to MPs will be a wonderful experience for him.”

Karen Addington, chief executive of the type one diabetes charity JDRF, added: “Type 1 diabetes doesn’t have to hold you back in life. But it is a very challenging condition to live with.

“The government must respond to increasing rates of the condition in the UK by investing more research to treat, prevent and cure the condition. That’s why we’re taking our message to Westminster.”