THE 'elusive' giant eagle that has been on the loose for five days is finally on her way ‘home’.

Nikita, a ten-year-old Steller’s sea eagle went missing on Saturday morning (January 25) during training at the Hawk Experience in Brackenbottom.

Chris O’Donnell, the bird’s trainer has been inundated with over 50 calls from the public with various sightings of the striking bird.

At 9am this morning (January 30) he was in Clitheroe after a member of the public alerted the trainer and since 2pm this afternoon Mr O’Donnell was in a field near Great Eccleston, Lancashire.

Chris told The Westmorland Gazette: “We spotted Nikita circling us but she was very wary to approach us. We eventually tempted her with a rabbit’s leg.

“She is very tired and hungry but it’s good to have her back.”

During the five days Chris has spent hunting for Nikita, a film-crew has been capturing his every move.

Chris added: “Like the famous saying goes, “No small children or animals were harmed during this making of this programme’!”