A VOLUNTEER crew from the RNLI’s Barrow lifeboat station launched their all weather Tamar class lifeboat at 9.50am today, to go to the assistance of a motor vessel reported to be taking on water.

At 9.35am Liverpool Coastguard requested the immediate launch of the lifeboat to attend Walney Channel at Haws Point.

The captain of the wind farm guard vessel MV Temeraire travelling inbound to Barrow Port had reported that his vessel, which had three people aboard, was taking on water.

The high water of 10 metres was expected at 11.30am which caused a powerful tidal run made worse by the Force 7 near gale from the south east.

At the time of launch the weather was fine, but it soon began to throw heavy sleet showers which reduced visibility.

The ‘Grace Dixon’ under the command of Coxswain Shaun Charnley was soon alongside the disabled vessel which was also suffering a lack of engine power.

Crewmen Andy Baxter and Phil Taylor crossed to the casualty vessel carrying the lifeboats salvage pump and after a quick assessment began to pump sea water out of the engine compartment.

Having removed the water from within the vessel she was then taken under tow and the two crewmen could see that water was still leaking into the vessel from the area of the sea-cock.

The vessel was then towed into the dock system at Barrow where she was safely moored.

The lifeboat returned  to station where she was washed off, rehoused and made ready for the next service.