A SLICE OF BRITAIN by Caroline Taggart £14.99 ISBN 978-0-749574093

STRUCK by the lack of British treats in her local coffee shop, best-selling author of ‘I Used to Know That, Caroline Taggart sets out to discover the stories behind 67 traditional British cakes.

She experiences a slice of our nation one mouthful at a time, sampling tea-time treats from Cornish cream teas to Dundee Cake.

And, of course, she couldn’t explore sweet treats without heading to the Lake District, where she writes about Kendal Mint Cake, Cumberland Courting Cake, Cumberland Rum Nicky, Borrowdale Tea Bread and Grasmere Gingerbread, for which a recipe is included.

The author pens the history of the region’s well-known foods while delving into the history of their birthplaces, making it a very interesting read.

The only disappointment is that this is a food book without pictures – it could have done with at least a few illustrations.