A MAN who escaped from the police after being arrested on suspicion of disorderly behaviour gave himself up 15 hours later with the handcuffs still around his wrist, Carlisle Crown Court heard Anthony Grogan, 22, had been detained by three officers after allegations that he had made threats and shouted abuse at a security guard outside the South Lakes Foyer in Stricklandgate, Kendal, just after midnight on December 15.

But when two of the officers crossed the road to talk to some other men who were shouting abuse at them – and the third one “took her eyes off him for a couple of seconds” – Grogan seized his chance and ran off, prosecutor Becky McGregor told the court.

Despite a two-hour search Grogan could not be found.

But later in the day he walked into the police station of his own accord admitting he had been “stupid”, she said.

The court heard Grogan said he had run away in panic because he thought he would be sent back to prison for breaking the terms of his early release from a previous sentence.

Grogan, of Low Mead, Kendal, pleaded guilty to a charge of escape.

His barrister Antony Longworth said he should be given credit for the way he “came to his senses” and handed himself in to the police.

“If he had wanted to get rid of the handcuffs and make himself even more scarce he could have done very easily,” he said.

Mr Longworth said that despite Grogan’s bad criminal record there were now “encouraging and positive signs” that he was trying to keep out of trouble.

“He knows he has been hanging around with people who are getting him into trouble and are not good for him,” he said. “He is making positive and sensible plans for the future.”

Judge Barbara Forrester agreed, and deferred sentence until June 6 to give Grogan a chance to prove he wanted to build on the progress he had made so far – which includes getting a job on a Forestry Commission site near Dumfries.

The court heard that Grogan will be appearing before South Lakes magistrates soon charged in connection with the incident for which he had originally been arrested.

Mr Longworth said he would be denying that, saying it was one of his friends who had shouted at the security guard, not him.