FAMILY, friends and colleagues of four railway workers killed at Tebay gathered today for a moving ceremony on the disaster's ten year anniversary.

Colin Buckley, 49, and Darren Burgess, 30, both from Carnforth, Gary Tindall, 46, from Tebay, and Chris Waters, 54, from Morecambe, all died when working on the line in the early hours of February 15 2004.

A service has been held every year since to give families the chance to remember their loved ones.

As light drizzle began to fall on the permanent memorial, just off the bridge on the A685, railway chaplain Richard Cook said: "The railway is a very close knit family.

"We are here on a tragic day but we are also here to remember these four wonderful people, four fabulous men, four colleagues, four sons, four brothers, fathers and husbands who graced our lives."

Peter Pinkney, president of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Worker's union, laid a wreath on the memorial. He said: "We have come here to remember them and to hope it never happens again."

And Alan Healey, railway chaplain for Cumbria, said: "We must remember the importance of safety in what really is a very dangerous industry.

"We will remember these men with respect. Respect for the work they did and respect for the ultimate sacrifice that they made."