A LEVENS student is donating all she can to the victims of the Somerset floods after being given a little helping hand.

Kim Brookes, 23, has collected dozens of bags of clothes, foods, books and even a television to give to those who have seen the weather devastate their homes.

She was appealing for someone who may be heading to the south west to take the goods with them and Tesco delivery has volunteered its services.

“There was just too much to fit in my car,” she said.

“I am really pleased that Tesco are willing to help.”

The Kendal College student said she just woke up one day and thought she would help, and that support from friends and people on a Facebook group had been fantastic.

“So many people have joined in, I am collecting things all the time and there are so many bags of clothes, including children’s clothes. It just looks so depressing on the news and people tried to help when there were floods in Cumbria, so we should do the same,” she said.