EMPTY aerosols can now be recycled at can banks throughout South Lakeland.

It is estimated that every house in the district uses around 27 aerosols per year.

South Lakeland District Council’s Street Scene Manager, Nick Pearson, described it as “a great move forward for recycling.”

“All aerosols must be empty, and must not be pierced or squashed,” he said. “Before recycling the aerosol the plastic top needs to removed, which can then be recycled in the plastic bank.”

The types of aerosols that can be recycled include: air fresheners, polish, oven cleaners, household surface cleaners, shoe cleaners, leather cleaners, hairsprays, hair mousse, shaving foam and insecticide.

Householders in any doubt on what can be recycled, they should call the council’s Customer Contact Centre on 01539 733333 for advice.