A FIREBOMB thrown at a flat in Lancaster may have been targeted at the 'wrong premises'.

Detectives in the city are appealing for information following the incident on Wednesday night, at Bridge House, Mainway, which officers say could have been intended for someone else.

"Someone threw an incendiary device at a window in a block of flats," said a police spokesman.

"The device – a plastic bottle - hit the window frame of the ground floor flat and ignited but did not go inside the property."

He added: "Detectives have launched an investigation and officers making enquiries have obtained information that would indicate that the offenders have attacked the wrong premises."

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service attended, as well as the police, and a small fire was extinguished.

The occupants of the flat – a woman aged 53 and her son, age 25 - were not injured by the fire although the woman suffered a minor cut from flying glass, caused by a brick which was thrown at the window before the petrol bomb.

DI Phil Jones, of Lancaster police, said: “This is an extremely serious incident and it is only by chance that someone was not more seriously hurt or even killed.

"Had this device actually entered the living room as opposed to smashing on the window frame, more serious harm may have followed.

"The lady and her son who live there are understandably upset and disturbed by the incident and the information we have obtained would suggest that the offenders have in fact targeted the wrong premises."

Anyone in the area at the time of the offence is asked to contact Lancashire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.