AMBLESIDE: Fell 1 x rowan, crown thin 2 x beech, reduce height 1 x birch, at Eller yew, Sweden Bridge lane, for Dr I. Smith; alterations to ancillary building incorporating the infilling of a doorway, replacement of garage door with by-folding doors and addition of two roof lights, at Low Grove House, Stockghyll Lane, for Mr Patel; T1 - oak remedial pruning, G1 - crown raise to maximum 3.5m, at Greycotes, Belle Vue Lane, for Mrs S. Johnson; variation to condition 2 of planning application 7/2013/5386 relating to changes to approved materials, roof slopes and addition of a veranda, at Elterwater Park, Skelwith Bridge, for K. Nicholson; creation of new vehicular access, at Half Way House, Clappersgate, for Ms L. Coupe; non-material amendment to planning application 7/2012/5398 - addition of 1 no bathroom window and 1 no ensuite window to type B properties, at Land at Maciver Lane, Waterhead, for Thomas Armstrong (Cons) Ltd; replacement timber shopfront, at Greggs of Cumbria, The Old Stamp House, Church Street, for Mrs S. Humphries, Greggs plc.
BOOTLE: Demolition of all buildings on site except swimming pool, at Wellbank, Eskmeals, for D. Nuttall; extensions and alterations, at Bridge End, Elterwater, for mr & Mrs N. & J. Walmsley.
BROUGHTON-IN-FURNESS: 1 - remove 2 lower branches oak, 2 - remove 2 lower branches ash, 3 - fell 3 laurel, 4 - coppice 3 rhododendron and fell 1 rhododendron, 5 - fell 1 sycamore, 6 - remove lower branches fir, 7 - coppice 1 laurel, 8 - coppice 1 laurel, 9 - fell 1 fir, 10 - thin 1 beech, 1 ash and 2 cherry; 1 - fell 1 holly, 2 cherry, remove lower branches 6 fir, 2 - remove 2 lower limbs 1 oak, 3 - remove lower branches adjacent to path, 4 - fell holly, at 12 Broughton Tower, for R. Parsons; construct porch and wc extension to front elevation, at Whinfield Ground, for J. Turner; internal alterations, at 13 & 14 Broughton Tower, for R. Parsons.
COCKERMOUTH: Extensions and alterations, at Croft House, Low Lorton, for Mr & Mrs A. Coutts; confirmation of compliance with condition 2 of planning application 7/2013/2194 - noise impact assessment, at Westray House Farm, Sunderland, for B.A. Johnstone, TH & PA Johnstone; removal of condition 4 of planning application 7/1978/2149 - occupation condition, at The Bungalow, Long Close, Isel, for Mrs B. Robinson; construct a detached cottage without complying with a condition attached to planning permission Ref. APP/Q9495/A/12/2185398 - Minor material amendment (partly retrospective) to delete chimney, add gable window, revised number size and position of roof lights to and use ‘velux conservation style roof lights’ in place of ‘conservation roof lights’ provision of air source heat pump, at Land south of Lime Tree House, Low Lorton, for R. Banks.
CONISTON: 2 illuminated signs; partial demolition of single storey cafe to create an external seating area accessed through new sliding, folding doors, at Lakeland House, Tilberthwaite Avenue, for M. Holland.
ENNERDALE: Agricultural building, at Field No NY 10161457, for R. Maxwell; renaturalisation of Ben Gill, including realigned channel, temporary road and footpath widening, light vehicle/pedestrian bridge, at Ennerdale Water, Near bleach Green Car Park, Ennerdale Bridge, for M. Buckley, United Utilities.
KENDAL: Proposed side single storey extension and revised entrance, at Laneside, Underbarrow, for S. Kempster; barn conversion to one dwelling, at The Howe Barns, Lyth, for Mrs L. Smith; removal of 20th century internal partitions and lining walls to inform future repair and restoration. Removal of external cement render on some elevations. Removal of 20th century porch on east elevation, at Cunswick Hall, Crook, for Mr & Mrs A. Cropper; non-material amendment to planning application 7/2013/5259 - revision of the proposed porch from a cast stone slab canopy to a dual pitch traditional slated open porch, at High Beck Cottage, Underbarrow, for S. Shone.
KESWICK: Confirmation of compliance with condition 1 (colour of stain) of planning application 7/2012/2048, at Chestnut Barn, Millbeck, for P. Brownrigg; safety improvement works to supermarket car and coach park, bus turning area, taxi waiting area and surrounding highway, at Booths, Tithebarn Street, for Ms J. Newell, E.H. Booth & Co. Ltd; fell 5 cypress, at Townhead, 25 St John’s Street, for H. G. Routledge.
MILLOM: Construct bedroom and store extension to north side elevation, at Fairview, Bootle Station, for Misses B. & C. Redhead.
PENRITH: Construction of a temporary construction compound to support works to discontinue Hayeswater Impounding Reservoir, at Land to east of car park and north of Hayeswater Gill, for M. Buckley, United Utilities PLC; proposed garage and store and demolition of existing car shelter, at Laburnum Cottage, Glenridding, for Mr & Mrs Dixon; installation of Package Sewage Treatment Plant to serve existing holiday chalets, at Beckside Farm, Martindale, for A. Hewitt; fell 1 fir tree, 3 ash trees and pollard 7 ash trees, at Bank End, Hartsop, for A. Collier; alterations to existing garage to form studio and single garage. Replacement of existing shed windows with sliding doors. Increase in size to window on East elevation. New flue for biomass boiler on West elevation, at Scarfoot, Patterdale, for mr & Mrs S. Kerr.
SEASCALE: A round galvanised water tank, at Mill House Farm, Wellington, for Mrs I. Ostle, Bleng Farms; change of use from shop to a dwelling, at Middle shop, Gosforth, for Mrs F. Rigg.
ULLSWATER: Landscape and surfacing improvement works to the existing High Cascades car parking area. Works include surfacing works, car parking delineation, tree planting and improved entrance points, at High Cascades Car Park, Aira Force, for S. richards, Cass Associates.
ULVERSTON: Demolition of existing flat roofed store and car port, constructions of two single storey extensions, construction of first floor extension, internal and external alterations, at Rowany, Woodland Close, lakeside, for Mr & Mrs W. Bissell; construction of semi enclosed porch, single storey link between the house and annex, at tall Trees, newby Bridge, for Mr & Mrs J. and S. Tattersall; new engine shed and workshop, at Lakeside & haverthwaite Railway Co Ltd, Haverthwaite Railway Station, Haverthwaite, for M. Maher, Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway Co Ltd; a peat bund around perimeter of hay bridge moss to raise water table for mire re-wetting for restoration and hydrology for sphagnum moss and bog plants (resubmission of 7/2013/5204), at Low hay Bridge, Bouth, for J. Strutt, Conservation Foundation.
WIGTON: Construction of agricultural worker’s dwelling, at Beck Grange Farm, Caldbeck, for J. Hickson, Messrs Hickson.
WINDERMERE: Fell 1 oak, fell 1 willow, at 32 St Marys Park, for Mr Lomas; fell willow, at Yew Trees, Phoenix Way, for R. Theobald; fell 1 x cherry, fell 1 x conifer, crown raise yew, at Grove House, Biskey Howe Road, for Mrs Bottomley; removal of existing domestic garage and replace with a slightly larger garage, at Garage, Greenbank Chase, Greenbank, Bowness-on-Windermere, for mr & Mrs Tiernan; reduce height of yew trees by 0.60m, at 6 Quarry Howe, Quarry Drive, Bowness -on-Windermere, for R. Stirzaker; pollard 1 elm, at The Coach House, Lake Road, for J. Dibbs; removal of existing culvert and refirming of stream bed, at Field at Low Lindeth, Lindeth, Bowness-on-Windermere, for Miss M. Scott, Matson Ground Estate Co Ltd; proposed two storey detached dwelling, at Brook Road, for P. Gorman; use of part of the lower ground floor at 12 Church Street as a single dwelling house (resubmission), at Lower Flat, 12 Church Street, for Mr & Mrs D. J. Fletcher, D. J. Properties; single storey rear extension, at 32 Droomer Drive, for Mrs A. Mattocks; demolition and replacement of rear extension, replacement dormer and roof lights, and raising existing roof, replacement and alterations to existing bay window to form covered canopy, internal alterations, alterations to garden including new retaining wall to form parking, storage sheds and paving, at 6 Bank Terrace, Bowness-on-Windermere, for Mr & Mrs C. Cambridge; replacement and upgrade of existing drainage system together with associated drains and connections, at Calgarth Cottages, Calgarth Park, Ambleside Road, Troutbeck Bridge, for J. Tootell, Northern Trust Co Ltd & Gleadhill Stud.