Interiors with Sarah Jane Nielsen, owner and director of Sarah Jane Nielsen Limited, at Staveley.

The Gilpin on the Crook road, Windermere, has more than successfully refreshed its entrance, reception, hall stairs and front dining room.

Talking about first impressions! That is not meant to be taken lightly, refreshed. It was a full blown refurbishment that has created a spectacular transformation in just a few short weeks and I would say it is quite a modern and chic step. The decor is crisp, just as the white linen and polished silver always was, but the lighting has made a huge difference, nudging Gilpin decor out of the past, and into the now with large silk drum pendants and wall washers of soft light flooding the walls and ceilings. The reception and hall stair chandeliers twinkle with clear and milky Murano glass. Mirrors reflect the light where there is little day light to help.

But it is still the same Gilpin. The character has remained, especially on entering the reception where you will feel the comfort of newly covered woven chairs original to the house, along with other familiar artifacts that have been in the family forever. Plus the bits and pieces that make it their own, the handsome wall clock and barometer, the traditionally framed canvases and portraits telling stories from years gone by.

Personally, I was pleased with the French manufactured bookshelf unit and desk, some of the new furniture toned beautifully between distressed paint and cherry wood finishes, tying into the room colour palette. Brian Yates linen texture wall coverings marry with more exotic silver distressed cork in the Spa display unit. Our signature textured and toned backdrop is complete with silver natural sisal on the floor and skimming stone on the woodwork.

This theme continues to the back of house reception with Andrew Martin wall textures and up the stairs with Cornforth white and Noblis Cote a Cote faux timber wallpaper enticing you up the stairs to Crook corridor where we pick up the accent emerald green tones from reception in the De La Couna paisley curtains and Tektura faux shagreen co coordinating on the same wall.

Moving through from the hall stair scheme to the inner lounge, we hope the strong white panelling sets off the stunning and all so familiar original oak fireplace roaring heat from its flames. The charcoal and mustard scheme flows through to the front dining room. Now open and clean in its presentation. I do, of course, like to add as much texture into a room as possible, hence the printed mustard velvet on the back of the side chairs, eye catching against the charcoal velvet and leather combination on the armchairs. Tempting to the touch! I would question any tactile individual not to want to wave their hands over these sculptural fabrics.

The icing on the cake is the window dressing. Smooth padded box pelmets (which remind me of iced caramels) framed by the LED up lighting. The dining room to be completed once the particular and only organza sheer fabric arrives from the Far East.