KENDAL Police have received increasing reports of anti-social behaviour from youths gathering outside the McDonalds restaurant on Stricklandgate.

Officers said they were working with proprietors to deal with the issue of large groups of teenagers hanging around the premises in the evening.

Inspector Paul Latham said the complaints involved young people “throwing food around, being rude to other customers, being a general nuisance and making the place unpleasant for people.”

A three-month Community Engagement Report presented to Kendal Town Council said a number of arrests had been made and the restaurant management, police and Shop Watch were working together in a bid to stamp out the problems.

The report also said retail supermarket car parks were seeing a rise in anti-social behaviour in the evening.

Insp Latham said the issue involved “people using their cars to intimidate other motorists, such as by revving their engines at them.

“We are dealing with this and if necessary we will use legislation to take offenders’ cars off them.”

The report said both locations had started to see a slight reduction in calls since police got involved. Insp Latham said overall figures of youth anti-social behaviour in the town was seeing a marked decrease.