AN anti-tobacco street performance took place in the centre of Carlisle yesterday.

Four performances – featuring 12 dancers and a street poet who delivered an anti-tobacco rap titled ‘Last Man Standing’ – finished with a sinister twist: half the performers ‘died’ during the piece, falling to the ground.

Each performance, was filmed, and will be promoted to young people online in Cumbria as part of a 60 second viral campaign.

Other performances took place across the North West.

Andrea Crossfield, Chief Executive of Tobacco Free Futures, the anti-tobacco social enterprise who organised the performance, said: “At Tobacco Free Futures we do everything we can to turn off this tap of new smokers in Cumbria.

“This street performance will not only be seen by people on the day, but by thousands of young people online.”

Patricia Bell, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Community Services said: “In Cumbria, we are committed to doing everything we can to educate young and old alike about the dangers of smoking.

“Smoking is extremely dangerous for your health, with tobacco smoke containing over 4,000 toxic chemicals including arsenic and polonium.

“However, often this message can get lost. That’s why it’s great to communicate this in an inventive and exciting way that will hopefully help young people understand, before they are tempted to enter into a lifetime addiction.”