ONCE UPON A TIMEPIECE, by Starr Wood. ISBN: 978-0-992770204, £7.71


ONCE Upon a Timepiece is the debut novel from author and journalist Starr Wood.

The book is made up of 12 inter-connecting short stories with two of the stories set in Garsdale and Sedbergh.

Each story stands alone and can be read independently.

The stories are very plot-driven, each with an unexpected twist in the tail.

However, the stories also all link together to tell a bigger narrative.

An antique gold watch links all the stories together.

The watch passes through the hands of a gold-digger, a journalist, an enchantress, and a professor.

It touches the lives of a rogue art collector, a domestic helper, and an environmental campaigner.

This is a deep thought-provoking novel — fun, quirky but with a valuable lesson. You won’t want to put it down.