AN ULLSWATER litter pick has cleared the waters just in time for the tourist season.

Outdoor activity company DIstant Horizons organised the clean up which was carried out by local volunteers.

Emma Johnson, Distant Horizons Administrator, said: “It was very successful, we had 30 people and collected just as many bags.

“One odd find was a broken tender boat just on the shore near the road, the same size of the canoes people were paddling in.”

She added that it is believed it aha been washed up for there for a matter of years, and would have been used by people to get to their larger boats on the lake.

There were also tyres, road signs, but mainly plastic bottles and glass found in the rubbish clear up which started at Pooley Bridge and went round the nearby roadside and water.

“The rubbish has probably either been there from last year and blown into the lake or washed down off the hill as victims of the winter wind and rain, or mostly it will be from tourists and people using the lake,” added Ms Johnson.

One group walked along the roadside while canoeists picked up litter on the lake when they were out in force on Sunday March 16.

This is the fifth pick that Distant Horizons has organised and they hope to continue them twice a year, with another planned for October 19.

Ms Johnson continued: “One of the reasons we do it is as an outdoor company we encourage people to come out, so want it to be clean.

“This is just in time for the tourist season, and we will do it at the end.

“The last time we did it we had nine volunteers, this time we had 30 so we want it to grow and grow.”