RICOCHET, by Alan Forsyth, ISBN: 978-1-904524977, £12

In the normally sedate Cumbrian arts scene Alan Forsyth is well-known as both painter and poet. Now he can add thriller writer to his creative CV.

Drawing on inspiration from his own experience as a post-war army officer with the Cheshire Yeomanry, Alan tells the story of one man’s journey from the dangerous deserts of the post-war Middle East to the no less life-risking thrills and spills of Grand Prix racing.

The novel, Alan’s first, is in two parts — the first opening in the oppressive heat of the Sinai desert in 1946 Palestine at a time when the Israeli state was undergoing its ‘murderous’ birth.

The second is set in sixties England amid the dramas and dangers of the racing circuit, where high octane driving and a beautiful woman test the novel’s protagonist to his limits.