SOUTH Lakeland District Council’s cabinet hits the road next month as they hold their next meeting in Sedbergh on Wednesday April 9.

The Lib Dem-run Cabinet and its shadow opposition members, usually meet at Kendal Town Hall.

But the council has started an “out and about” initiative, where they will occasionally hold cabinet meetings in different locations around South Lakeland.

The aim is to allow people from across the district to come to the meetings and experience the cabinet meeting process.

The April 9 meeting takes place at Sedbergh People’s Hall from 10am.

The council said that at the end of the meeting, there will be a half hour session during which people can address the cabinet about Sedbergh issues, and members of the public are encouraged both to attend the meeting and to contribute during this session.

Normal cabinet rules for the public participation section at the start of the meeting will still apply.

Coun Evelyn Westwood, the Lib Dem South Lakeland District councillor for Sedbergh, said: “Sedbergh is a pioneer of localism - residents were taking on community projects long before the term "localism" was even invented.

“I am delighted the cabinet is coming to Sedbergh so we can show them how we work and residents can see how South Lakeland's executive works.’’

Ian McPherson, Lib Dem councillor for Sedbergh, added: “Sedbergh is already recognised by SLDC as an example of excellent practice in community building and the development of strong local initiatives especially by the parish council and local businesses.

“The forthcoming meeting of the cabinet in Sedbergh will give cabinet members the opportunity to visit the town to see for themselves how we do things here and also give local residents the chance to observe how cabinet goes about its business and hopefully to make an input into the proceedings."