CUMBRIAN MPs Rory Stewart and John Stevenson are pressing the county council to put in a strong bid for road repair funding.

Following an announcement in the Chancellor's budget speech that an additional £168 million is to be allocated for road repairs through a bid-based fund, the two have written to Cumbria County Council to ensure they are putting together as strong an application as possible.

Mr Stewart and Mt Stevenson said the application should ‘properly reflect Cumbria's need for substantial investment in its roads’.

The new fund is in addition to the £3,018,761 this week earmarked for road maintenance in Cumbria by the Department for Transport, as a part of its £183.5 million budget for road maintenance.

Mr Stewart said: "In a county as rural as Cumbria, where for most, road travel is the only way to get to the nearest shop, post office or doctor's appointment, we find ourselves far more exposed to the risk and dangers of pot holes than most.

“With low average wages, and such a high reliance on cars to get about, the damage potholes inflict on our vehicles can put Cumbrians in real financial hardship.

“I am constantly speaking to rural communities who have been waiting years for improvements to their local roads.

“This is why we are pressing the county council to submit a bid that does justice to the needs of thousands of Cumbrian road users."

Mr Stevenson said: "I very much welcome the Budget announcement for additional pothole repair funding, and it is vital that Cumbria County Council seize this opportunity.”