PLANS have been drawn up for a brand new ‘net adventure playground’ which will be strung between dozens of trees on the shores of Windermere.

The adventure area planned for Moss Brow woodland, close to where the Brockhole play area currently exists, could bring an extra 30 children to the attraction at any one time.

But neighbours have raised objections.

“It’s difficult to imagine the enormous size of this installation without a detailed plan which includes visualisations, sections and elevations, none of which have been included in the planning application,” said a neighbour, who asked to remain anonymous.

“The smallest request for a private residential extension would require this information, which is missing here.”

She added that the proposal - ‘within just a few yards of neighbouring properties’ - should not go ahead because it was not included in the original plans for Brockhole.

The plans have been submitted by Treetop Trek Ltd, which operates at the existing Lake District National Park Authority attraction. And a spokesman for the group said the plans have been amended since they were first submitted, to take concerns into account.

“The colour of the nets was acknowledged as the most significant factor and so the application has now revised these to remove any bright colours from the boundary, replacing with black netting which, as illustrated, is largely unnoticeable,” they said.

“In addition a suitable planting scheme has been agreed to act as a visual barrier for the future.”

A reception cabin, with CCTV, will also be built and will double up as a storage area. The treetop netting will be suitable for children as young as two years old.

The spokesman added: “This will support the commercial need of maintaining visitor numbers, dwell time and spend at the site.

“It will also provide those visitors, and the visitors to the wider Lake District, with a truly unique way of interacting and learning about the woodland and wider environment in complete synergy with the objkectives of the visitor centre.”

Members of the Lake District National Park Authority’s Development Control Committeee are due to discuss the planning application at their meeting on Wedneday at Murley Moss, Kendal.