I do beg the question (do I really sound like Carrie Bradshaw? SJN not SJP! Believe you me it’s not the shoes in my wardrobe or the size 4 figure) or does spring and the first evidence of true ‘light’ through real sunshine suggest the urgent need for a repaint?

The desire to freshen up your interior the quickest and most effective way possible is NOW to most? Or is it my imagination? It appears to be urgent. All of a sudden the window treatments are down and either being dry cleaned or replaced in severe cases. I must admit to spring cleaning the shutters (relatively easy in comparison). It’s all got to go. I have had enough of grey sky, drizzle and downpour, I need excitement and colour in my life and out of everything, your wardrobe and some cosmetics on the home offer less severe consequences than some other more exciting thoughts you may have.

This is when I realise I take this natural ‘vision’ thing for granted, so I find it easy to make decisions with interiors (mostly); well I have been at if for some time now, and I am not being flippant, but I do realise it is truly difficult for some to be comfortable with a decision or two, never mind happy.

I would like to propose a piece of strategic advice when redecorating. I suggest not rushing out to pick up a paint card or sample pot within the hour you may have free between work, kids and any other commitments. Take a seat in the area of your house that’s bugging you and consider the options, and at several different times of day, look at it from every angle. Now what is the most attractive part of that room or space? Is it the window, the fireplace, the sofa or existing piece of furniture you couldn’t live without? Or a special piece of artwork? (my passion). Whether its sculpture, canvas or the odd bit of driftwood picked up from your last trip out, these will all offer you a colour palette to make your selection from.

As a rule, is the room north or south facing? Each offers its own potential. We all know artists select north facing rooms as they offer the most agreeable natural light to recreate by. North facing rooms certainly do not add the positive psychological effects that south facing sunny rooms do so they need the colour or light added. Equally, they will never properly enhance with decorating in cool colours. The wall colour can still be a strong colour; if the ceiling and woodwork offers a light contrast you will obtain the most benefit.

This doesn’t mean paint your north facing room bike visor yellow. If it were me it would be English mustard or burnt orange, and off white is so much better than brilliant white, in this country anyway!