NO major traffic problems have been reported in Kendal after the re-routing of M6 traffic through the town for the past two nights, officials have said today.

Since Monday, the Highways Agency has routed northbound motorway traffic off at Junction 36 and out again at Junction 39

The purpose was to steer traffic away from where vital bridge works are taking place between J37-38.

A Highways Agency spokesman said today there were no issues as far as their contractors were aware.

And Cumbria County Council also added: "There have been no reports of problems to the county council’s highways team."

Originally, there were concerns that a large influx of motorway-bound traffic into the Longpool area of Kendal might further exacerbate backlogs already being caused by separate works to the railway bridge being carried out by Network Rail, which are due to finish this week.

Cumbria County Council has also speeded-up works it was carrying out on the A591 and removed a single lane closure to help traffic move more freely on the Kendal bypass.

A spokesman for CCC said: "We removed the single lane closure on the A591 before the scheduled closure of the M6 on Monday.

"The approach the works contractor at Longpool took of having manually-operated signals to allow better flow of northbound traffic on the A6 appears to have worked well in easing flows.

"It was a good team effort between various different agencies to plan ahead and mitigate against a potentially problematic situation.”

The re-routing will continue tonight between 8pm and 6am.