A WARNING has been issued by Cumbria Police to remind people to drink responsibly as the warmer weather hits the country.

With Easter and May bank holidays on the horizon, officers are taking the opportunity to warn those looking for a good time to stay within their drinking limits and remain in control.

Chief Superintendent Steve Johnson said: “It can be easy to get carried away with the atmosphere, but having that awareness will mean that your night is a good one.

“We understand that with warmer weather comes the temptation to enjoy a few drinks, whether it is at home in the garden, in the county’s beer gardens and pubs or out in the countryside whilst camping.

“All we ask is that you do this responsibly and that you don’t take any risks with your safety, stick to your limits and drink plenty of water so you don’t suffer dehydration.”

The safety advice is part of the Constabulary’s ‘One punch can change two lives’ campaign which was launched at Christmas, and the force-wide ‘Think before you drink’ initiative.

In a bid to make people more aware of their safety during nights out and as they make their way home, police are issuing top tips to encourage people to consider safety as a top priority.

Chf Supt Johnson added: “Make sure you have a registered taxi number on you, don’t be caught out and if you end up on your own, having that number will ensure that you get home safely.

“Whilst out on nights out, please think ahead, looking after each other and making plans to get home will help you to enjoy your night safely.”

Police will also continue with their ‘Keys, Money, Phone, Plans to get home?’ campaign, which reminds young women, students and party goers to think ahead and plan their safe journey home.

Police and Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes said: “When talking to people in the county they are quite clearly concerned about the impact that alcohol can have on all aspects of life.”

Anyone who is a victim of a crime or sees suspicious activity is asked to report this to Cumbria Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.