A vast multi-agency force came together as part of 'Operation Harrier' to tackle criminality on major roads in South Cumbria.

Officers from the Cumbria Constabulary Operational Support Unit teamed-up with colleagues from CID, the Dog Section, South Lakes Territorial Policing Area and the Special Constabulary.

They were joined by Environmental Health, HM Customs and Excise Road Fuel Testing Unit, the Rogue Trader Enforcement Team and the UK Border Agency Immigration Crime Unit.

During the operation, which took place on Thursday, April 24, a vehicle was seized and two drivers were reported after it emerged they had no insurance.

Environmental Health Officers are now investigating after it was discovered that a company was transporting frozen foods in a non-refrigerated vehicle.



Also, a £300 spot fine was issued to a driver who did not have a tachograph fitted to his vehicle, nine drivers were prevented from travelling further as they had inadequate brakes and lights and another vehicle, found to be 21% overweight, was taken off the roads.

Richard Rhodes, Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the officers from the Operational Support Unit. It has enabled me to see first-hand the huge variety of issues our officers deal with on a daily basis and the excellent results this type of partnership produces.”

Sergeant Jo Fawcett, of Cumbria Constabulary Operational Support Unit, said: “It was an excellent day. The above results reflect the wide and varied remit of our enforcement capability when we team up with other agencies. I hope yesterday's event illustrates the lengths we will go to combat criminality in order to keep Cumbria a safe place to live, work and visit."