A WEBSITE set up to help sufferers of eating disorders is appealing for local people to share their ‘stories’.

The site, developed by Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, has been launched to offer advice and help to those who are suffering - and the trust believes that ‘real life examples’ will both ‘help and inspire’ those currently battling an illness.

“People often feel very alone struggling with an eating disorder,” explained consultant psychologist Liz Bolt.

“We want people in Cumbria to know they are not alone and to be able to find out easily from other Cumbrians what helped them, and to be reassured that others have got through this.

“People tend to hide eating disorders from others.

“We want to make sure that even if people aren’t ready to talk about their problems they can find what they need easily in Cumbria.”

She went on to explain that the website would also include information about what help was available both in Cumbria and further afield.

“We want to make it as helpful as possible so would be really grateful to hear from anyone who would like to contribute in any way,“ she added.

The website has been set up for people suffering with the condition, for those who have recovered or are recovering, and for those who are caring for someone with an eating disorder.

Stories, poetry or experiences can be recorded in written, audio or video format for the site. Stories can also be anonymous.

Contact Hannah Reuben, assistant psychologist, on 01229-407 777 or email either hannah.reuben@cumbria.nhs.uk or liz.bolt@cumbria.nhs.uk