A SOUTH Lakes family have raised more than £4,500 for charity by living on £1 a day for five days.

Julian Lambton, his wife Vanda and daughter Georgina decided to ‘Live Below the Line’ for a week to raise money for ‘Street Child’ - a UK based charity which works with children in Sierra Leone.

The Cartmel Fell family spent five days living off porridge for breakfast, soup and a banana for lunch and a bowl of pasta and sauce for tea, with just £1 per person, per day as their entire food and drink budget.

The £1 figure, calculated by the World Bank, equates to what someone living in “extreme poverty” in the UK would have to manage on.

Georgina, now a trainee teacher in Bradford, volunteered for Street Child in Sierra Leone in 2011.


Julian, a rural surveyor and partner at Carter Jonas in Kendal, said it had been ‘challenging’.

“It is perfectly possible to eat enough for £1 per day, but it was pretty dull and I suspect not nutritious enough as we were all very tired by the end of the week,” he said.

“On the no list were the many basic things we all just take for granted – meat, jam, butter, eggs, coffee and fruit.”

“Struggling to feed yourself and your family it not just an issue for developing countries either - we currently have three food banks within a 15 mile radius of where we live.”

Anyone wishing to make a donation should visit www.justgiving.com/lambton.