CONTROVERSIAL plans for a net adventure play area on the shores of Windermere have been approved in a unanimous vote.

The Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) planners gave the development the go ahead despite objections from neighbours who claimed they would suffer from noise pollution.

A decision on the proposed project at Brockhole was deferred last month so LDNPA members could make a site visit.

LDNPA member Hugh Branney said: When we got there it was clear to us that it was not a real issue.”

Another spokesman said: “You could virtually hear nothing at all in the complainant’s garden.”

LDNPA planner Ben Long said the decibels were currently recorded at 52 and were anticipated to increase to 55.

He added that there has to be an acute conflict for the sound principle to be considered, but that an environment protection officer was content with the noise levels.

Treetop Trek Ltd’s adventure area will be developed at Moss Brow wood, close to Brockhole’s existing play area.

Last month the Gazette reported concerns raised by a neighbour living in a property nearby the proposed tree-based net adventure area.

She said: “It’s difficult to imagine the enormous size of this installation without a plan which includes visualisations, sections and elevations, none of which have been included in the application.”

She added that the proposal – within just a few yards of neighbouring properties – should not go ahead because it was not included in the original masterplan for Brockhole.

The play area will consist of green and black nets suspended from the trees and could bring an estimated 30 extra children to the Lake District Visitor centre at any one time.

Plans were approved in an unanimous vote.