PROTESTERS have slammed plans for a brand new nuclear power station in Cumbria, saying it will damage the environment and cause a water shortage for nearby residents.

Radiation Free Lakeland members plan to hold demonstrations and organise ‘camps’ to protest against a potential new station, at Moorside, Sellafield, which took another step forward last week.

“It will be bigger than Sellafield and will be burning uranium harder and longer, making the spent fuel even hotter,” said Marianne Birkby, spokeswoman for the Cumbrian action group. “It will need to be cooled for decades longer, with fresh water out of Wastwater. There are already concerns about the strain on fresh water resources because so much is going to Sellafield.


It is estimated the nuclear station will create at least £10billion worth of investment and around 21,000 jobs.

But Ms Birkby said the environment will take a hit if the power station goes ahead.

“Because these new reactors are burning stuff for harder and longer the material run off into the oceans will be increased - and the thermal heating of the oceans will therefore increase,” she explained.

"This is a significant step forward for the plan to establish new nuclear in West Cumbria,” said NDA chief executive officer, John Clarke.