A DAD-of-three who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer is tackling the Windermere Marathon later this month.

Ben Ashworth, 35, from Preston, was diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer two years ago and has undergone two failed operations and several chemotherapy attempts.

Twelve months ago Ben, a keen runner before his diagnosis, was told he had just months to live.

However his oncologist found a previously un-tested drug which Ben must remain on for the rest of his life.

Although not a cure it is working to stop the cancer from spreading.

“I’m so excited to be running in Cumbria,” said Ben, who is raising money for CLIC Sargent, Beating Bowel Cancer, Macmillan and Rosemere Cancer Care.

“My grandmother and a lot of my family hail from this beautiful area that I have always thought of as being my home from home.”

“I know Windermere is going to be a really grueling marathon having heard about its hilly sections, but my wife and daughters will be there to cheer me on and I know they will get me through it.”

Last month Ben completed the Blackpool marathon in five hours 35 minutes. He also plans to take on marathons in Wakefield, Northampton, the Isle of Man and Berlin over the next four months.

Sister Grace Ashworth said: “The last two years have been really tough for Ben, but the one thing that has remained consistent is Ben's miraculous positivity.

“Before Ben became ill it was his dream to conquer a marathon.

“Ben's positive nature and determination are what keeps him going. He is determined to make a difference with the time he has left and wants to raise as much money as he can whilst he can.

“In turn he hopes to create a legacy that his three daughters can remember him by.”

The Windermere Marathon takes place on Sunday May 18.

Grace added: “Ben faces many hurdles trying to train whilst undergoing treatment.

“I know that this journey is going to be incredibly difficult. I hope that with enough encouragement and sponsorship this will help Ben when there are tough days trying to conquer his epic challenge.”

Follow Ben’s progress at www.bensbowelmovements.com or twitter.com/ChemoDadRuns.
Donate online at uk.virginmoneygiving.com/BensBowelMovements.