A TEENAGER who carried out a sexual assault on a girl at Ambleside Youth Hostel has been jailed.

Several months later he raped a girl when back home in Yorkshire, the court heard.

Preston Crown Court was told Aiden Boylin exposed himself and inappropriately touched a 16-year-old he had persuaded to go to his room at the youth hostel.

But a court heard that his victim fought back, grabbing him round the throat and trying to kick him in the groin.

The court heard she and her family were on holiday in the Lake District at the time, while Boylin was staying there on a national government scheme for young people with disadvantaged backgrounds.

The defendant, now aged 18, and who comes from Rotherham, pleaded guilty to charges of sexual assault and exposure over what took place last year.

He was on bail for those offences when he raped an 18-year-old girl in Yorkshire on November 8.

A judge at Doncaster Crown Court gave him a sentence of four years and nine months detention for that earlier this year.

Neville Biddle, prosecuting, said Boylin persuaded the girl to go to his room.

The court heard he turned the conversation towards sexual matters. The girl became unhappy in the room.

Boylin tried to get her to touch his crotch and he exposed himself.

Mr Biddle told the court “The girl had training in martial arts.
“She decided to fight back, grabbed him round the throat and tried to kick him in the groin area.

“He bent over in pain, but managed to get to the door before she could.”

The court heard that he then used a hand to touch her inappropriately over her clothing.

“She was able to pin him to the corner and get away. She reported the matters. The defendant ran away, but was brought back by staff members.”

He was on bail for the Ambleside offence when he raped an 18-year-old.

He told her he had a knife and would slice her if she did not do as she was told, the court heard.

For the Ambleside offence Boylin was given three months custody to run concurrently with the term he is already serving.

Passing sentence Judge Christopher Cornwall said the incident had been “thoroughly nasty and unpleasant”.

“It seems to me you have a huge amount to learn if you are not to be ultimately treated as a dangerous offender upon your release,” he told Boylin.