MARKET traders attending this year’s Appleby Horse Fair are being warned against selling counterfeit goods by Cumbria County Council’s Trading Standards team.

A spokesman for the team said that the sale of counterfeit goods has a direct economic effect on trade and the safety of consumers and visitors.

“The sale of counterfeit goods undermines the trade of legitimate businesses,” said Mike Smyth, Public Protection Manager at Cumbria County Council.

“We are encouraging the return of the traditional fair goods to Appleby Horse Fair and will offer advice to consumers on what to do if they think they have bought counterfeit goods.”

Counterfeit goods are “fake” goods, normally copies holding logos or brand names which are registered as trade marks.

Examples include:

* Designer labelled clothing

* Alcohol and tobacco

* Mobile phone chargers

* Perfumes and cosmetics

* Watches and jewellery

* CDs, DVDs and computer games.

Such goods are often of poor quality, unreliable and sometimes unsafe.

Mr Smyth said the sale of counterfeit goods may seem like a petty crime. However, such activity can be linked to organised crime and child exploitation in sweat shops in making such items.


He added that sellers who are involved in selling, making, advertising, distributing fake goods which infringe a registered trade mark or breach copyright are committing an offence and could end up with a criminal conviction.

If you believe you have been sold counterfeit goods please contact the trading standards team in confidence or anonymously at: Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 08454 040506 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111