CAMPAIGNERS have welcomed a step forward in their bid to fix the regular flooding at Parkside Road railway bridge in Kendal.

Cumbria County Council (CCC) has announced several possible measures to solve the long-running problem following a campaign by residents and councillors.

The council said it would build a barrier to stop soil from gardens on the far side of the bridge being washed into the drains.

This material is believed by the local authority to be the sludge that stops water on the road draining away after heavy rainfall.

The work will also include cleaning out and refreshing the soakaways under the bridge.

As a long-term solution, the council said it was also investigating the possibility of diverting water coming down Parkside Road into drainage systems in Larch Grove, to relieve pressures on the existing soakaways.

A CCC spokesperson said: “If this option is not possible, we will explore the possibility of installing an additional soakaway in the field above the bridge to create additional capacity and help prevent flooding.”

The flooding under the bridge after it rains has been a long running issue for local residents.

Valley Drive resident Chris Hogg started a campaign to fix the flooding in February, setting up a Facebook page and taking a round a petition to residents.

“I am delighted for all the residents who have spoken to me about this issue, signed the petition and joined the Facebook group to fix this problem,” said Mr Hogg. “I hope this will prove to be a permanent solution to a problem which has been occurring for many years.”

Campaigner Coun Clare Feeney-Johnson (Kendal Nether), added: “This has been a difficult problem to solve, but I now feel like we have taken a step forward in the right direction.

“It will take time for all the permissions to be in place and the work to be completed, but with the support of the local community I will continue to push forward.”

The costs of the project have yet to be finalised, but work is expected to start this year.