If the kitchen is the heart of the home, what’s the dining room? I think it’s hugely important to get this room just right as there is nothing better than sitting down together at the table.

In my own dining room I wanted to create an open space that was full of warmth and atmosphere in which we could gather with family and friends.

And as ever my first thought was to look for ways to bring the outside in. While the floor to ceiling glazing achieves this on the exterior wall, the main interior wall features an enlargement of a photograph I took at a client’s house. It’s colours and tones, and the presence of wood and water, introduce a calming feel to the whole room.

The other wall is transformed by a full length (and width) bookshelf. The selection of colour and ornament in the dressing of the bookshelves creates interest but they all work together in a collected sort of way.

The oak of the table works well with the other textures that I’ve brought together, but it was also a practical decision to purchase this particular table as it extends to accommodate more people. Sometimes head needs to rule along with heart.

I enjoy layering textures and developing a tonal palette, and I think this shows here. The coarse texture of the rug and the neutral pod seats, which blend also allow positive accents like the sculptural pendant to contrast.

This Le Klint pendant, which was a wedding present, represents my love of Danish design but also spreads a warm glow across this space. And that’s critical as it helps to set just the right feel for the room.